What is a Forex Expert Advisor (EA)?

A Forex Expert Advisor (EA) is a software program that automates trading decisions in the
foreign exchange market. It uses predefined algorithms and trading strategies to analyze
market conditions and execute trades on behalf of the user.

How does the EA work?

The EA works by processing historical and real-time market data. It uses programmed
trading strategies to identify potential trading opportunities based on technical indicators,
price patterns, and other criteria. Once suitable conditions are met, the EA can
automatically open, manage, and close trades.

Do I need any trading experience to use the EA?

While some understanding of Forex trading can be helpful, our EA is designed to assist both
beginners and experienced traders. The EA handles the trading process for you, but having a
basic understanding of Forex concepts can enhance your ability to use it effectively.

What trading platforms are compatible with the EA?

Our EA is compatible with the MetaTrader 4 (MT4) only which is widely used in the Forex
market. However, you can use a copy trader from MT4 to MT5 if you wish. There are many
copy trader services available online.

Can I customise the trading strategies used by the EA?

Yes, our EA offers customisation options. You can choose from preset trading strategies or
modify parameters to create your own strategy. However, we recommend testing any
customisations thoroughly on a demo account before using them in a live trading

Is the EA fully automated?

Yes, our EA is designed to be fully automated. Once you set up the parameters and
preferences, it can analyse the market, open trades, manage risk, and close trades without
requiring constant monitoring. However, periodic monitoring is recommended to ensure
the EA is performing as expected.

What is a demo account, and should I use it?

A demo account allows you to practice trading with virtual funds in a risk-free environment.
We strongly recommend using a demo account to test the EA's functionality and strategies
before using real money. This helps you become familiar with how the EA operates and
validate its performance.

How do I install the EA on my trading platform?

We provide detailed installation instructions with the EA package. You also get lifetime
support + future updates included.

What are the risks involved with using the EA?

Trading in the Forex market involves inherent risks, and the use of an EA does not eliminate
these risks. Poorly configured EAs or unexpected market conditions can lead to losses. It's

important to understand the EA's strategies, set appropriate risk parameters, and use
proper money management techniques.

Can I run the EA 24/7?

No as if this was the case then everyone would be millionaires and bankers would be in
debt. Anyone marketing an ea that can be left for 24/7 are lying. We provide detailed
installation instructions with the EA package. We will inform you how to set up, what
timeframe and what trading session you should run the EA and any other rules to follow
while using the EA after the purchase.

How often does the EA receive updates?

We strive to improve our EA continuously based on market conditions and user feedback.
Updates will be provided as necessary to enhance the EA's performance, fix bugs, and
introduce new features.

What strategy does the Onedream Gold EA use?

We have coded this EA ourselves. It does NOT use martingale or grid trading. We have
developed this with 5 indicators which work together to find the perfect entry point for a
trade and enter with take profit and stop loss.

Is my equity protected while using this EA?

The system has equity protection in place and max stop out can be customised.

What results can I see using the OneDream Gold EA?

For our results please visit our telegram group where we post results up daily of both clients
and our results. On average our clients are making around 0.5-1% profit a day and can
potentially make up to 20% in one month.

Can I use the One Dream EA to pass any prop firm challenges and how long would it take?

Yes you can pass any prop firm challenge that allows the use of EAs, and it can take 2-4
weeks depending on risk.

How does the prop firm account passing work?

With this service we will pass your account for you. Most of the prop firms we can pass will
be passed within the same day. Once passed we will inform you that’s its passed. We are
always updating prop firm passing service list on telegram group.

What’s the max drawdown EA has?

Max drawdown is 2% a week

How many accounts can I use the EA on?

We provide unlimited account usage however you cannot share the EA to anyone as its all IP
tracked and fed back to our server in London. Any IP jumps will get flagged automatically
and we will be in touch to see what’s going on. If you’re caught sharing, you will loose
access to the system !

Do you offer a refund?

Majority businesses to similar nature don’t offer refund as it is a digital product however we
are more than happy to provide a refund if things don’t work out for you!

What payment options do you accept?

We can accept payment of the following
– If paid through crypto we will apply a 5% discount to your final amount
– Bank transfer to business banking
– PayPal
You can use credit card with any of the above to make payment.

Do I get instructions or guidance?

Yes we provide video tutorials and a detail PDF explaining everything. However, you do get
lifetime support and our team can always hop on zoom, any desk or teamviewer to setup
the product for you.

Can the EA be flagged up if multiple customers using the same product?

No it won’t get flagged up as we generate each EA before sending the product out to you to
keep entry different. The EA also has an API tracker which links back to our london server to
make sure entries are kept different for all current EA users.

My prop firm says no third party EA?

The product we supply is pretty much under your usage rights so you won’t have any issues
with brokers finding out. They only advertise this as they don’t want people to pickup free
products online and try running this on their prop firm. It may work for 1 day but will blow
the account eventually.

Do you provide setfiles?

Yes we include setfiles.

How do I make payment?

Once you purchase the EA on our website then message us on telegram or message us on
live chat with your email address and we will send over payment options.

What prop firms can we pass?

Please check our telegram group (pinned section) for updated prop firms.

Is customer support available if I encounter issues?

Yes, we offer customer support to assist you with any technical or operational issues related
to the EA. Feel free to contact our support team through the provided channels.
For any further inquiries or assistance, please contact our customer support team.

What is the percentage gain I would be expecting?

Around 5-8% a week and 3% during slow week.

Are you guys the original author/developer for the EA?

This is correct. We are the only developers for One Dream product. Anyone claiming to be
the developer or selling the EA will be selling you something that is not our product. Please
do not contact us if you bought a product from a dodgy seller and complaining to us why
the results are not producing for you. Its simple, if our EA is breached by any form of
“hacker” then it will blow any account users run this on. This is a security risk we had to add
to avoid people falsely attempting to sell our product.